Planet Earth Recycle LLC was formed to do one thing: Reduce the carbon footprint of businesses 
in our community through recycling.

Planet Earth Recycle

We are an eco-friendly company that was founded on the basic ideology that working to protect 
our environment is a noble way to live. We recognize that environmental change is not a solo mission, 
and that it can only be achieved through the collective efforts of many. Everyday, little choices can 
have a huge impact on the environment in our community, and we have positioned ourselves to help 
make the choice to recycle very simple for everyone.

Our goal is to make a positive impact in the environment by offering free recycle solutions to every 
small –to medium-sized business within our community. Planet Earth Recycle is committed to
implementing, facilitating and managing cost-free recycle solutions for nearly every type of businesses 
so that not recycling is not an option.

Fulfilling a need.

For years I watched plastic, glass, and aluminum containers get taken out with the trash. I witnessed 
large plastic display pieces, metal fixtures, and stacks of cardboard get tossed into our company’s 
dumpster. In the midst of a hectic workday, I used to wonder where those recyclable objects might 
end up. The fact is, they’re probably taking up space in a landfill nearby.

It all started with a small recycling bin in our cubicle, which later grew into several large recycling bins 
in our building. The positive energy that our recycling program generated was inspiring. Recycling 
created a special unity at our place of work: Not only between the employees, but also with our 
customers. Everyday, recycling reminded us that the little things we do make a difference! Our 
recycling program cultivated awareness about our impact on the environment, and it inspired many 
individuals to reduce their carbon footprints beyond the office. We felt that our recycling program 
made a difference out there, and it does!

Recycling reminded us that we’re all in this together.

Today Planet Earth Recycle is growing fast as many companies across the Bay Area begin to recognize 
the impact they have on the environment. The need for businesses to become environmentally 
responsible is more crucial then ever before, and we are dedicated to helping them operate responsibly 
and reach their ‘green’ goals. Planet Earth Recycle is committed to providing our partners with a 
rewarding experience by ensuring their environmental contributions are effortless, yet recognized by 
the community and our network of partners.

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Thank you for recycling! 
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